Thursday, February 11, 2016

World Needs Update

I’ve begun to realize that our society has been evolving in to a digital age. Also being in a digital age, we have been manipulated by mass media.  I have chosen to address these issues because the novel feed can relate to them well. Every character has a feed, which is directly into their brain. Having internet connected to you at all times, you get very reliant on it. Now a days if you don’t know something or don’t understand something, we look toward Google for an immediate answer.

Each character was a teenager, unless you heard about their parents. When they went to the moon, on their way there they were looking up things to do using the Feed. A quote from M.T Anderson he says “And the feed was pouring in on us now, all of it, all of the feed net, and we could feel all of our favorites, and there were or files, and our m-chat lines. It came down on us like frickin’ spring rains, and were dancing in it”(70). This quote means to me that Titus compares the communication to his newly restored feed. In our world today we have wifi and 4G. Our feed is compared to laptops and cell phones. We use our hands to operate them.

Also our internet would never be able to clear up our headaches. But we could look up if we take a medication what side effects that medication can have. Having feed and internet in our world comes to a point where you really don’t have to think for yourself, when the answers can be right there when looked up.

While reading feed, at first having a lesion wasn’t cool, or the trend to have. Once everyone stated getting a lesion, it was the new “in” thing to have. I feel with how our world is today and being manipulated by mass media if one person says something is cool or you must have it, you won’t fit in with being popular. We all know having a lesion isn’t safe or healthy. When you are on the moon everyone will start looking at it as a necklace or the new style must have. Quendy was one of the first ones to get a lesion and also thought is started to spread

If in the real world we could be able to have a feed, I feel that people will still be themselves. For example, if you see a famous person wearing a certain designer, many people would consider it a trend and everyone would want one. It would be the same thing as the feed an if one person gets it, everyone else wants it. Also in you wanted to fit in with the popular crowd and couldn’t afford a certain style you may not feel accepted or have the feeling of being yourself.

Once feed was hacked, it seemed to me each of them felt lost, and didn’t really know how to act. Being in a hospital without being able to ask the Feed questions about being hacked or a diagnosis to become fixed probably was the worst part. Becoming addicted to the internet and not using your own brain for thoughts can truly become a struggle. Internet and having a Feed is the answer to everything. For each character it was interesting because most of them were teenagers. You really didn’t hear of their parents having a Feed to rely on. Also with our day an age, my generation is more likely to figure out how to use internet or a Feed without a problem. Whereas my parent’s generation, they would most likely have more of a struggle. Many of the teens today would most likely agree with me that Facebook is old and we have moved onto other social media. Meanwhile our parents are still stuck on Facebook and didn’t get the memo

So with my comparison to the feed and today’s world I truly don’t feel it being much different. We have become so used to just having answers right away, as soon as we touch our cell phones. Manipulation via mass media might just get worse and no one can find out who they really are, especially if new trends start to come out just like the lesions in Feed, everyone might want what’s new.


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