Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Well Here We Go....

Hello! I wanted to start off my first blog by saying hello, and welcome! We as a group hope you enjoy our content and our best attempt at dissecting the novel Feed, my M.T Anderson. For my first post this semester I decided to do a Character Analysis. I wanted to analyze Violet because I think she is the most interesting so far, and has caught my attention. Even though we are only 100 pages into the book,  there is a clear difference between Violet and the other kids. She is said to be more old fashion like with her clothing, and attitude towards the feed. Some major ways she is different is the way she dresses. Unlike the rest of the "squad", which probably conforms to their futuristic society, Violet brings it back to the old skool with wool dresses and different types of outfits. This clearly sets her apart from everyone else physically, but I believe she is also very mentally different. I believe she has a different outlook of life. While Titus and his friends just simply go to the moon like its no big deal, Violet reacts completely different. She is in awe that she is actually on the moon, and wants to cherish every moment. It's crazy to think that someday in the future we could just get up and go to the moon whenever we pleased just like them.
 It's hard to compare myself to Violet and try to find similarities and differences at this point in the book. There are major differences between us such as the time in the world and fashion and about almost everything. But on the other hand, there are many similarities, Technology is changing so fast in this day in age. New and amazing things are being created as we speak. It's bizarre that iphones and the improved internet were just made only less than 10 years ago. At this rate, we may even be up at the moon like Titus and Violet in a few short years. With so much technology consuming our lives daily we have to take a step back and remember how we lived life without it. Our population is so consumed with iphones,computers, etc. that we ourselves are starting to become almost like robots. We are letting the technology think for us, and we gave up using our own brains. That is what I believe Violet is fighting for. She disagrees with the consumption of the mind by technology and is going to try and stop it. So far, I'm really enjoying her rebellious attitude, and can kind of compare. It's hard to live a life in 2016 without the consumption of technology but I try my best to limit myself, just like Violet. I think she's a very intelligent girl, and is going to do something major in this story. I think she may be the hero of this story, but it's hard to tell.
I don't really see Titus as the protagonist of this story because he kind of just seems like everyone else. The only difference with him is that when everyone gets hacked,Titus and Violet are the only ones still effected days after. Everyone kind of forgot about what happened, except them two. Titus hasn't done much to be called a protagonist just yet. I would say Violet is because she took the step with her "New Project" to resist the feed. By resisting the feed, she's making a statement. I'm not positive what shes trying to achieve by doing this, but shes most likely sending a positive message. She hopefully will become a role model to others to start thinking on their owns, without their feed. I think her father is a major role model to Violet. Since he is so intelligent in the Dead Languages, he probably taught her about life before the feed came into play, which most likely inspired her to do this. I really enjoy this book so far, and I'm excited to see where it goes. Until next time...


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