Thursday, February 25, 2016

I Am Feed, You Are Feed, We All Are Feed

We are basically living in a Feed society as of now are we not? I mean hardly anyone can ever put their phones down as it is so why not just implant them in our brains now? As much as I would love to think I'm not, I know I am always on my phone. Think about it; texting, talking, searching for something on the internet, or scrolling up and down social media a hundred times consumes a ton of our time. In fact, it consumes our entire human population whether we like it or not because we truly can't escape. It is all around us. I will even take it as far as saying that it has changed the way human kind thinks. Come on! Just admit it already! We are all guilty of taking the easy way out and letting either our phones, computers, tablets, televisions, and yes even billboards and advertisements act as our brains. They influence our thoughts, emotion, how we communicate, and why we choose to do certain things. Sounds just like the Feed now huh? 

Well I can definitely relate that is for sure. I guess I must come to turns that I and every one else from this generation has grown up in a pretty shitty time to be quite frank with you. Just like the feed we are born to be catered to. Every thing we do is either because we we taught it, or because we were some how influenced by society. What we think becomes an advertisement or a banner like in Feed. For example when Titus says "When we got off the ship, our feeds were going fugue with all the banners. The hotels were jumping on each other, and there was  bumff from like the casinos and mud slides and gift shops and places where you could rent extra arms"(Anderson 8). They had just gotten off of the ship on the moon and were all ready being exposed and were being sold too. Kinda like when we search for things on the internet, the advertisements that we are exposed to are based off of previous searches, to try to get our interests and things we will buy. Our internet knows who we are, what we like, what we don't like, what we wear and so on. Scary shit. We might as well just be robots that follow every command by society and conform to the consumerist market ploys and tactics. We do it anyway right? 

I can relate to all of the characters in this novel solely based on the fact that they are trapped, and we also are trapped. Trapped to think a certain way, and act a certain to societies standards. Even violet can't help but to not be controlled even by resisting. Which raises a very good moral question. Were the characters in the feed really free? Are we really free? The answer is up for your interpretation but I would argue that we are not, and they are not. How can we be free in a land where we place labels on each other, or the facts that we are all forced to be exposed to change. You could argue that violet tried to be free but what happened? She died. You are not truly free if you can not choose the consequences or your actions right? Just like how we can not control the consequences and the effects that media and advertisements have on who we are as individuals. Violet said it best. 

"They're also waiting to make you want things. Everything we've grown up with-the stories on the feed, the games, all of that-it's all stream-lining our personalities so we're easier to sell to... They try to figure out who you are, and to make you conform to one their types for easy marketing... so we get less and less varied as people, more simple" (97) 

I grew up in an age where we don't truly have choice. We can only choose the paths that are already laid our because that's how we are trained by society. Either consciously or sub-consciously we are forced to conform all of our thoughts, onions and views, because that is what we have been exposed to all of our life. 

- Dylan Prompt 2 

Anderson, M. T. Feed. Somerville, Massachusetts: Candlewick Press, 2002. Print.

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