Monday, February 1, 2016

I'm a Dirt Bag, I Know.

My name is Luke, and as I thought this blog was due by today, I was sorely mistaken and gave myself the title of "Dirt Bag". So not only am I a forgetful shit but an egocentric douche too! Well, now that you have a good idea about my work ethic, I think its appropriate to tell you I'm a music major. Growing up in Clinton New Jersey, my father introduced me to Led Zeppelin when I was 11. From the moment I heard John Bonham rip it on the drums, my brain had a switch that was finally flicked on, indicating to me that music would now be all that I do. Thus, making me a full blown Dirt Bag, inconsiderate of other peoples' peace and quiet as I blast my insane thoughts into music. On my 12th birthday I was lucky enough to get a drum kit, soon becoming a band nerd who eventually thought he was too cool in high school to be in marching band. After seeing that music is really what I wanted to do with my life I joined the marching band and honestly wish I had done it sooner. Looking back to those years now it developed the chops I needed to get into William Paterson and their popular music program. I've always written music, learning more and more from studying it and hearing it everyday of my life I feel like I really pick stories and pieces apart for what I interpret it for, or I'm just an emotional over analytical prick. So with that said I'm excited for this class and what we will be discussing with the class and our crew the Fearsome Seven. Cheers!

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