Thursday, February 11, 2016

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Well here goes nothing right. So for this first blog post I decided to choose number 4, which is Text-to-world analysis. Anyway let's get to it. So reading this novel it reminds me a lot like the world we live in today. With all of the technology that we have at our fingertips, it is no wonder why older people say that people from our generation do not know how to communicate with one another. Feed is very relatable to the real world in the way in which technology alters the way we think, learn, and how we use social skills. For example, texting is a great thing to a certain extent. Yeah, it is easy for quick conversation because it is almost instantaneous, and in order to get in touch with people from a far distance away, but does the was in which we developed our own language in text messages make us dumb? Do we really have to abbreviate everything we type? In a way I agree with the people who say that it is being lazy. For instance, in the feed the characters use m-chat in order to communicate with each other by their minds. They even abbreviate their words when m-chatting. Now that is being lazy. Technology has gotten so far in this novel that it has created a whole other form of communicating, a way in which there really would not have to be any face to face connection. Sooner rather than later we might have to face this as well, where we will be using our minds for communication. The feed is just like our internet, and how it for certain alters the way we think. Why would people ever try to learn and think for themselves when you have all the information you need in the world right at the tap of a button, or in the feeds case right at a thought in the mind. Such as in Feed Violet says "You put the 'supper' back in 'suppuration'" (Anderson 23). After violet said this everyone looked up what suppuration had meant on the feed instead of using their social ability to ask Violet who was right in front of them. This kills social skills just like it does today when people text, or whatever people do on their phones now a days to talk to each other, in the same room/building instead of actually speaking to them. I can certainly say that I would be completely terrified if we ever had m-chat as a form of communication. Let us get on to another topic. Like how the banners that are used on the feed are just like how ads are on our internet today. How the things they think of and what we type shape the way the ads approach us, how they learn from what we like just because of what we search on google, and what the think of on the feed. It is almost a scary feeling. A being controlled sort of feeling. This brings me to page 43 in the very short chapter awake where Titus was disconnected from feed net and was lost and scared. The feed consumes every aspect of their lives to the point in which they do not even know where they are. This reminds me of people now. If somethings where they can't access the internet, for example if the power goes out, people have no idea what to do. We feel so disconnected to the outside world when we don't have access to see what other people are doing, we get bored, scared, and are lost because we are so controlled and are way to invested. It truly makes me wonder why us as humans are so invested in what other people are doing at all times. In the feed this remains a constant as well. They always no what every one is doing because of the feed. The feed truly controls what they think, say, want, and learn. Just like our internet, and our government. We are adapting our minds to conform to how the internet works, and we make it apart of our daily lives, and routines. Every thing we do is being altered or fitted to the internet and shapes how we think, learn, and how we use our social skill. We way not be in the space age, but we might be closer to the Feed than we think.


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