Thursday, February 25, 2016

Titus Transformation

The novel Feed is a futuristic satire novel filled with interesting characters. The one character that really stuck out most amongst the rest was Titus. Titus is an upper middle class teenage boy living in a futuristic time period where computerized chips are installed inside of your head at birth (for the majority of the population). Titus is a very unique character and plays a crucial role in this novel. Titus was just like everyone else, just an average teenager who liked to party, get drunk, go into mal, and living off the information that was given to him by the feed. Titus started off the story as a miserable, lonely, depressed teen on a trip to the moon with his friends. Titus didn’t get out of miserably slump until he laid his eyes on a girl one night while out with his friends. When he captured his first glimpse of her it was like she turned his whole world upside down, he was infatuated by her.  Titus eventually meets her and finds out her name is Violet. It wasn’t until he really got to know Violet and started dating her that he understood her point of view of the world as a reality for what it really was. Violet helped him realize that while he and his friends were living their lives and partying, the entire world was deteriorating around them before their very eyes. Before he met Violet and she changed his life Titus was simply just a product of the world around him. Their relationship is what transformed Titus into someone who could share an emotional connection with and individual, emotions that Titus has never felt before. These same emotions are what caused Titus to push himself away from Violet and make himself distant in her time of need. Peer pressure may have played a role but also since these emotions were all very new to him he didn’t know how to control them. An example would be when Violet took Titus to the mountains and she tried seducing him but he wasn’t enjoying it. That’s when he told her to quit and said “it’s like being felt up by a zombie”.  Another prime example of this come in the final chapter of the novel when Titus is visiting Violet for the final time and he says “for the first time I cried” as she is in her final moments. This final moment really captivates Titus transition as just another consumer of the feed to someone who utilize Violets motives of resisting the feed as that was the cause of her demise. Titus character may not have been interpreted as a hero or as someone’s behavior that should be emulated, but Titus character came a long way from being just another teenage boy living life according to the feed. I feel like the author wanted Titus to be read as a character that transforms himself into a better version of himself with the help of Violet. 
Prompt 6  Ricardo A.

Anderson, M. T. Feed. Cambridge, MA: Candlewick, 2002. Print.

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