Thursday, February 11, 2016

Adriana or Titus?

For this blog post I will be talking about the text-to-self analysis view. I feel that this novel goes beyond my personal experience. It pertains to anybody that is living in this day of age. This novel speaks to my personal experience because I am basically living in the Feed as well. Maybe not as technological, but still living in the same concept. The Feed has made it so that these characters barely even speak with their mouths to each other! That is ridiculous. They speak through there chat on the Feed most of the time. Which is what people tend to do now. It seems that people have forgotten how to communicate without being buried into their phones.

I believe a character I relate myself the most with is Titus. I thought this the first time when we read the novel. He was complaining about how he did not want to do something, but ended up doing it anyway just to do it and not be alone and bored. Sometimes, while I am here at college I find myself doing stuff that I do not really want to do. Such as going out to certain parties, or hanging out with a certain group of friends. But I do it anyway just so that I am not bored or alone sometimes. Just because I relate to him does not mean I am the same is him. Titus has the Feed and I do not. Although, I do have an iPhone and that is similar. It is not the feed however. I am able to think for myself even though sometimes I “go with the flow” pertaining to my friends and the plans I have. But, I do not need to look up everything on Google or whatever search engine. I am not saying I am a genius either, because I am far from that. I just do not depend on the internet as much as he does. I think Titus is somewhat weird.

The issues that are in this novel align with the things that surround me in my life for sure. Mainly pertaining to how the internet is so big now. When I was younger, there were cellphones. Nothing compared to what we have now though. Before the only thing you could really do is call and text message, take a picture IF you had a camera phone. Before we were able to live our lives with cellphones, but we did not depend on cellphones. Now we are unable to even leave our houses without our cellular device. I am not sure if it is even to stay in contact with one another or if it is for other purposes. Other purposes being social media or just apps that come with the phone or apps that you download onto the phone. Phones do way more than just text and call now. Like I just said, sometimes I feel like we do not even use it to stay in contact with each other anymore.

I do not think that this new found technology has helped me to overcome anything in my life. I feel like it is causing me to backtrack. I feel that it is starting to impact me in a negative ways. Being that it is beginning to diminish my vocabulary for example. If I do not know a word? I look it up and that is it. It is right there in front of me. It is not like I need to think about it.2

If I were Titus, I am not sure I would have traveled to the moon with my friends if I did not feel like it. But at the same time, I probably would have. If I am on spring break and I am bored, not doing anything I would most likely say yes to anything being that I would want to do anything beside being in the house or at work. But the moon? That is a big step. That requires a lot of planning and a lot of money most likely. If I worked during spring break I would not even accumulate the amount of money, I would probably spend on a trip.

-Adriana B.

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