Saturday, March 26, 2016

The world goes round

Katniss tries to speak for everyone in this novel. Tries to stand up and be the one to look up to, relate to, and is almost in a way what we should all aspire to. The hardworking, and the humble, always grinding and always keeps their heads down because one they look up is when they will finally be successful. Hard work pays off huh? So they say. So the few people whose stories make headlines reading, hard working citizen makes it big. We all hear these stories and how one day if we keep at it and try our very best we too will be successful, with a great job, lots of money, great family, and safe security in the wonderful home in which they live. Well isn't this the american dream if i have ever heard one. 
                Doesn't Katniss speak to this? I mean yeah she might not have wanted it to happen this way, but it sure did. From a poor girl in district 12 working her ass off to try and help feed her family. To living in the capitol with tons of money, enough to feed all of district 12 and then some. Hard work pays off? I mean Katniss is the head of a rebellion, is that what the pay out is suppose to be? People work their whole lives trying to achieve the American dream and some how no matter what they can never reach it. Why can't everyone be able to achieve the American dream? OPPORTUNITY. Theres a famous line that always goes around and it goes like this, Its not about what you know, but who you know. I believe this one hundred percent. Katniss might not have known what she was getting herself into but she sure knew what the capitol was capable of, and certainly knew that if she had won the games that her family and all of district 12 would be very well off. We can relate this so much to our world and how we live today. Because we do things to benefit ourselves in the long run don't we? We do everything in our power to make sure we and our families are okay before anyone else. 
                Back to the notion of rags to riches, if this was truly how we all are suppose to live, that if we do good then good will come, then aren't we really just spending our lives waiting around. Unlike Katniss not every has power or opportunity. Katniss stands up for what she believes in and does something about it. Uses her power to rebel for what is right. But we don't. We are stuck by the loss of opportunity. The poor keep getting poorer and the rich keep getting richer, isn't that how the world goes round? I mean no matter how hard someone from the working class tries to better themselves and get out of the working class, they can't because they just do not have the resources that they need in order to be successful. They are no bodies because they know nobody. Katniss didnt have that problem. She had an escape, a way out. The games were her save heaven in disguise because she got the best out of it. She was brought on with an opportunity and she grabbed the proverbial brass ring.  But in American no matter what race you are, we all start from the bottom and have to work our way up from there. The only thing is, is time. People who have certain connections will rise to the top in no time, even if a more highly qualified individual who has been working their ass off for their entire life should be the one who ends up with the job, with the raise and with a better outcome. 
We are all taught from a very young age that you have to work work work, and then if you keep working you will be able to live a fulfilled life Somehow i buy it and somehow i think its a load of bull crap. Society today is a system in itself, and people all around the world everyday gets screwed by said system.


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