Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sticking it to the man

Katniss is definitely supposed to be read as a hero, and a sympathetic character. Which is very strange because we are made out to want to feel bad for her because of her background, and her being poor, even though she is a very strong person. She's almost an anti-hero in a sense right? Because she is portrayed as a hero and a role model and all, even though she is going against authority. She is going against the capitol. Almost a super hero vs. a villain type scenario huh? I can certainly relate to katniss. How she stands for herself, her family, and for the entirety of district 12. Like sticking up for your team in a sense. I certainly think that Suzanne Collins wants us to read and be able to relate to Katniss, as someone to look up to almost. Why? Because Katniss is like the average joe isn't she? Like all of us, but there is one distinct difference, which is she has the will to act. She acts out against the capitol and sticks it to them. Something we all wish we could do huh? Its like relating it to our system of the United States, or any other Authority figure for that matter. Katniss's drive and determination is made to reel you in. She fights for what she believes in no matter what the consequences are. She also sticks to her roots and never forgets where she came from and who she truly is deep down in side. For example she has money now and she still doesn't forget Gale, and she still finds a way to help him. "And her I am with buckets of money, for more than enough to feed both our families now... even so I never drop off the game while he's at home" (Collins 5). She still brings food for him and his family even if he doesn't know it. She remains humble at heart like she did when she was poor back living at home in district 12. If anything, Katniss just has a case of Stick-it-to-the-man-neiosis.

Katniss is also made to be a hero because of winning the hunger games. Because now because of her and Peeta, not only their family won't go hungry, but the entire district 12 will be very well off now, well at least for a year. She is also district 12's hero as well. Even though she doesn't feel that way. Almost lost because of what the games has done to her life, flipped it upside down, Katniss wanted it to be to normal when she got back from the games. Humble. Its almost like she didn't know who she was anymore, and certainly didn't want to be looked at as a hero after killing in the games, but what choice did she have? Katniss is even resistant to believe that she is the face of rebellion against the capitol at one point because she doesn't want to believe it. But wouldn't you do the same? From having a life and living in a relatively normal life to being selected, and after competing in the games, having your whole life completely changed forever. Its a responsibility not many people could take on, but Suzanne Collins puts that pressure on Katniss perfectly, perfectly enough to make you feel connected in a way while reading the novel. I do find it very interesting that she makes us feel connected in a way in which we are competing. Well not competing but rooting. Like almost as if we are there in a district and cheering them on. Crazy. Thats how I feel sometimes during this novel because Katniss is portrayed as a symbol. Kinda like us right? Just to make the world go around. Anyway, its hard to not look at Katniss as a hero, even though should we? I mean ever since we've been born right, we have been told to respect people with authority, and now here we are supposed to find a connection and look up to a character such as Katniss. Amazing isn't it? How even though deep down inside we know what we should and shouldn't do, yet we all have the urge to go out and rebel against something sometimes. I guess I'm just saying we all want to Stick It To The Man.

-Dylan G

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