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Love is Messy

Love is a reoccurring theme that pops up in this novel. As Katniss is put in a situation where she is forced to love two individuals while simultaneously having her every move watched by President Snow. As well as having to deal with each guy proclaiming their love to her, she just can’t find a way to choose between the two. The story was inspired by the love triangle between Katniss, Gale, and Peeta in Catching Fire. I also decided to create this story because it is also inspired by personal real life events. So I wanted to interpret the experiences and relate it to the novel.

Ava was just a junior in high school without a worry in the world (except her SAT scores). She had joined many clubs throughout high school but she mostly enjoyed being a part of her schools ROTC program. Ava started off high school with her two best friends Leslie and Jake. Leslie has been Ava’s best friend since the third grade and they share a really close bond they could tell each other anything. Jake came along a few years later when he transferred to their school back in middle school. Jake told Ava he had feelings for her back in the eighth grade but they decided to remain friends. She figured that he got over her and hoped that it was all just a phase. He’s the one friend Ava can come to when she needs a guy’s perspective of things. Leslie and Jake constantly disagreed on many things. But they would mostly just have doltish arguments. Despite that these three are the best of friends and have promised to stick together all throughout high school.

Things at school were great for Ava but at home she feels like a prisoner. Ava’s father is a very stern man, he tries to take control of every decision in her life. He is really strict and often doesn’t let Ava out of the house when she wants to hang out with her friends. He also doesn’t let her play sports hence the reason she’s joined so many clubs. The biggest rule that he stresses the most about is that she is not allowed to date until she is out of high school.

Every morning at homeroom Ava gets to see the boy she has been crushing on for the last couple months, his name is Edward and he’s the highest ranking ROTC student at her high school. For months Ava was felt like she was invisible to him as it seemed he acknowledged everyone in the program except her. As she grew eager to get him to notice her she finally asked her friends for advice on the situation. Leslie suggested that Ava go and introduce herself to him. As both Ava and Leslie turn to hear Jake’s opinion they noticed he was clenching his teeth together and his tone of voice had changed as he instantly opposed the idea and advised her to stay away from Edward as he stormed off.

Later on that night Ava finished up her homework and her father knocks on her door. He says she has a visitor waiting for her outside. Ava walks slowly to the door and opens it to find Jake on her door step. Jake apologizes for the scene he caused at school and he also reveals why he was so angry. He didn’t like the fact Ava was head over heels for Edward, but the reason for his outburst was because he was in love with Ava. Jake admits to always being in love with her. Ava unsure of her feelings doesn’t know what to say. So Jake leans in for a kiss and Ava felt pressured to go for it. As soon as Ava started to lean in her father opens the door behind her. Without her father saying a word Jake decides to take off. Ava was upset with her father for walking in like that. This is when her father admitted that he actually liked Jake. He told her that he changed his mind about her dating in high school but only for Jake. The rule still implied to every other guy. Ava didn’t know what to do, she was confused about what she wanted. She didn’t know if she even actually liked Jake. But now with her father’s approval she felt forced to be with Jake.

The next day at school Ava told Leslie everything that happened at her house last night. Leslie was shocked to hear the news but couldn’t give her input as she had to rush to class. Ava rushing as well couldn’t get her locker open as she hears a voice behind her say “need help Ava”, she turned to find that it was Edward. She was surprised that he knew who she was. He then helped her and walked her to class. They exchanged numbers during their interaction. Throughout the day Ava finds out a lot about Edward. For starters that he always knew who she was because he would see her during homeroom. After school Edward ended up walking Ava home. When they arrive to her house they sit on the steps. Edward tells Ava that he has always kind of had a little crush on her. Ava wasn’t hesitant to tell him that she felt the same way for so many months. Just as Edward was going to leave Jake shows up and finds them together. With both guys there together Ava knew she had to make a decision. She’s always like Edward and they finally got him to notice her, but the timing couldn’t be any worse. Jake has been her best friend for years and when he admitted his love it caught Ava by surprise. He is also the only guy her father will actually allow her to date.

So Ava sat both guys down and tells them that she really likes both of them. She decides she doesn’t want to live in the palm of her father’s hands anymore as his puppet. She defies her father and decides to go with Edward. Edward graduated later on that year and went on to join the air force. Jake decided to be supportive of Ava’s decision even if he didn’t agree with it. A year later Ava move to the base that Edward was stationed at.

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