Saturday, March 26, 2016

Risking Sacrifices

While reading the novel Catching Fire it was apparent that risk taking was a major reoccurring theme.  There were risk all throughout the novel. Whether it be Katniss risking getting caught with Gale or getting caught hunting by a peace keeper. The biggest risk she might have taken was volunteering as tribute to take her sister’s place in the games in the first Hunger Games novel. Without her taking this action the risk that she took in Catching Fire wouldn’t have been made. Throughout the entire novel she has taken risk after risk to protect the ones she loves. I see a lot of Katniss in myself, just way she cares for her family and friends reminds me of the love I have for my family and friends.
Just like Katniss I would do anything for my loved ones as well as sacrifice anything no matter what the circumstances are. Katniss actions reminds me of a situation I was put in where I had given up the opportunity to buy a new car that I had been saving up for and planned to buy once had gotten my license. After all the months of saving and the countless hours of overtime it was all finally going to pay off and I was finally going to have a car of my own. Once I staring looking for cars and narrowing down which cars I really wanted tragedy struck. One night my mom called me screaming, she said she had deep pains in her abdominal. We rushed down to the emergency room and I was asked for all her information. I later was informed that my mother’s gallbladder had ruptured. While filling out the paper work I suddenly realized that my mother did not have health insurance and I had no idea how we were going to pay for her to have the surgery she needed to get better. Once the surgery was over and my mother checked out of the hospital we got handed the bill. My mother was shocked at what the total amount came out to.  My mother came to me and admitted she didn’t know how she was going to pay the bill. Being the great son that I am I started to look for ways to get the money we needed but that’s when I realized that I had the money we needed all along. I went to my mother and I told her about all the money I’ve saved up over the past few months. I offered to give her the money I had saved up to buy my car to help her avoid being in debt. I realized that sacrificing your personal desires for someone in need gives you a better feeling of jubilation than spoiling yourself. That’s where Katniss and I are alike, we both do things to make sure our loved ones are alright.

This can be seen with Katniss as well with several scenes in the novel. It the early stages of the story Katniss is out hunting in the woods to capture food for Gale and his family. “I’ve been in the woods hunting for three hours, but as I have made no real attempt at hunting, I have nothing to show for it. It doesn’t matter to my mother and little sister Prim anymore. They can afford to buy butchers meat in town, although none of us like it any better than fresh game. But my best friend Gale Hawthorne and his family will be depending on today’s haul and I can’t let them down” (4). Although Katniss won the games and doesn’t have to worry about money she still helps out Gale and his family because she cares for them and knows they need her help. That’s just the type of person of person Katniss is which I can relate to so much. Katniss will do anything for her loved ones no matter what the circumstances or consequences are. For example in  the beginning of chapter 8 (106) while Gale is being whipped by the new peacekeeper Katniss goes in to stop the whipping and takes the hit for him just to protect his body from being hurt anymore. This really shows off Katniss characters loyalty to her close friends.  These actions are what make Katniss my favorite character, the loyalty she has for her close ones as well as the will to do anything for them also adds on to the list of reasons why I can relate to her. 

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