Sunday, March 13, 2016

Entry Log: Head Peacekeeper Romulus Thread

I chose to write this blog post on Romulus Thread from Catching Fire, the new peacekeeper who had been assigned to district twelve after the Victory Tours. I choose to write it in the view of the man himself, the night before him and his team enter the District. To write about the ferocity and hate the Capitol has towards these people, and how their conditioning has made men like Romulus merciless towards the citizens of Panem. Their society is on the brink of a full-blown rebellion against the Capitol; I wanted to write about what lengths the Capitol is willing to go to. And the actions they’re willing to take to stop that from happening. With that said, here is the head peacekeepers first entry before his first day in District Twelve.   
Level 3 Alert. District Eight has ceased all textile production and has started rebelling in the streets. The men and women are barbaric, lighting buildings aflame, throwing bricks and resisting authority, we must show them what happens to rioters. They do not fear our bullets, as our men in district Eight fire rounds into the crowd they only become more ferocious. We must cut them down before the other districts follow in their footsteps. Taking the honor president snow has presented me with, my battalion and I will be heading to District Twelve tomorrow to subdue and resistance and cut it from its cancerous source.
 For too long Head Peacekeeper Cray has slacked off with these animals, I have been ordered to dispose of him as soon as we enter the premises. Why does president Snow decide to send one of his highest-ranking men to a peaceful district? The answer is simple, Katniss Everdeen. Including Peeta Mellark, she is the sole reason these people find a reason to fight back. Her leeching will to live during the 74th Hunger Games put the head game master in a pinch, ending the game with two victors ultimately showing a break in the Capitol's power. This worm, this stupid insignificant district twelve dog has started a war. A war that she even she cannot stop, therefore her and her district must pay like the others. President Snow and his advisors have told me to us to show no mercy. We are to create stricter curfews, more around the clock patrols, and rebuild and power the electric fences.
If they want to act like beasts then we will treat them like ones. All of Panem must see the power of the Capitol, and understand that we are the only security and protection that these helpless beings have. If it would start an all out onslaught, I would beat the life out of Katniss in front of her family, her “FiancĂ©”, and the rest of her supporters. Snow has made it clear that any resistance in District twelve must be punished by the full extent of the law. Through out the Victory tours, Katniss was given the gracious chance to undo the fire she had started, But with her and Peta's actions in eleven, and the lack of personality and drive for the greatness of the Capitol, they’re District as well as the rest of Panem. I will continue to update my log as events progress; we head out early tomorrow morning and I must brief my squad tonight. Head Peacekeeper Romulus Thread signing out.  

Luke D. Prompt 1

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