Sunday, January 31, 2016


Hey! My name is Kirsten, pronounced KEER-stuhn. I usually don’t bother to correct how people say my name because 99% of the time they will still mess it up anyways—but I figured i’d try something new today. I’m from North Jersey: home of the taylor ham, egg and cheese SPK! To be honest, I’m pretty sure I've only pumped my own gas once in my life and i’d like to keep it that way. I am in my second semester of college, studying nursing. . . so i’m basically paying to be hungry and emotionally unstable for 4 years. yay. 

I like to consider myself an adrenaline junkie and tend to go out of my way to find new and exciting things to do. I usually drag my friends along with me to cool places I find online or have heard about through word of mouth. I try to make every day a good time, whether I am out with friends or marathoning a TV series in bed all day. One of my favorite things to do is packing up and going on spontaneous road trips while trying things most sane people wouldn’t consider. If I won that 1.3 billion dollar powerball jackpot, you'd probably never see me again because traveling is kind of my thing. 

My taste in books reflects my personality pretty accurately. Growing up I read a lot of action, adventure and mystery novels, things I could relate to or imagine myself as a character in the story. I don’t have much time to read for fun anymore but I do read articles that catch my eye in magazines or online.

I’ve never blogged before so this is a whole new thing for me! Well thank you for reading and getting to know me a little! 

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